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Bringing Advanced Dentistry and oral surgery to your veterinary practice


  • Consultation
    • $275 inc GST
  • Procedure
  • Case opinion
    • vet only – $150 inc GST
  • Dental radiograph & CT interpretation
    • vet only – $70 per image/region of interest, $200 3+ images/regions of interest, $250 CT
    • prices inc GST
  • Telehealth
    • $275 inc GST
  • Estimate

Afterwards we will send you a unique patient ID by email which you use when uploading relevant case files.


Use the patient ID received by email to submit case information for the referral / estimate / case opinion / or interpretation of diagnostic imaging (dental radiographs, CTs). Please send DICOM files for medical imaging.

A wide range of file types are accepted :

  • images (DICOM, PNG, JPEG…)
  • videos (mp4…)
  • documents (doc, pdf…)